Here's what past clients say.

"I would strongly recommend Laura on legal matters pertaining to the rights of people with disabilities. She displayed compassion, as well as a fighting spirit to defend the rights of my daughter. I was completely confident in her representation. I understood what and why steps were taken because Laura answered my many questions and laid out potential consequences of various scenarios. I felt my battle was hers. She is tenacious. I value her services and highly recommend her." -N., 2016 client

"Laura is amazing. She helped me throughout the most confusing and scariest time of my life in obtaining a protection order against my abusive husband. The first time I met with Laura, I knew she was going to be the one to help save my life. She helped me through every process and explained every step in our court battle. My husband comes from a family with money and is extremely manipulative, I knew the moment I left him the fight for mine and my children's safety was going to be difficult, emotional and dangerous. Laura always put our safety and security as a number one on her priorities. She went above and beyond in accommodating me and my extremely young children, she would even bring activities for the kids when we would meet up, and they too absolutely adore her!

When we fled the town we are from and came to Seattle, I was overwhelmed and had no idea where anything was or how to efficiently get around. Laura didn't just show up to our court hearings, she went out of her way to help me in finding affordable parking and using the bus. She is not only professional, understanding, caring and passionate, she made me feel safe. Laura answered my calls no matter the time of night and responded to my emails quickly and attentively. There were times I could not have moved forward without her and her strength. I can't express how grateful I am to have had her on my side, I still to this day, months later, think of how hard she fought and the strength she gave me when I needed it the most." - K., 2015 protection order client

"I had never worked with an attorney before and Laura was truly a blessing. I was being harassed by a previous partner. She helped me through the process of a petitioning for a protection order and defend against false assault and rape allegations. Laura is passionate about her work with victims of domestic violence and, most importantly, she genuinely cares about my well being. If I ever need help again, I know that I can trust her and would not hesitate to contact her again. Thank you so much! - J., 2015 protection order client

"Laura is very compassionate and very non-judgmental. She helped me resolve my issue quickly and in my favor. She explained every step of our process and made recommendations and outlined my options thoroughly. I truly felt that she was on my side the whole time. She is also very reasonable and flexible." - R.  client

"Laura is a compassionate, responsive, and intelligent lawyer. She pays attention to detail, kept me informed through the whole process and she gave 110% to everything she did. Laura is a good communicator, very effective, and able to get the job done. She is respectful to everyone she comes into contact with and a strong advocate for her clients. Her compassion and ethics shine through by her willingness to take on clients who do not have the resources to fight for their legal rights. I highly recommend Laura Umetsu." - 2014  client