Anti-Harassment and Domestic Violence Protection Orders

I handle anti-harassment and domestic violence issues on a case by case basis. I have successfully faced down domestic violence perpetrators in cases ranging from abuse of a vulnerable adult to child abuse to partner abuse. Depending on your situation, you may need one of the following:

  • Domestic violence/stalking protection order. This is an order that you procure if you were the victim of domestic violence and you either were once in a romantic relationship with the perpetrator or you once lived in the same household.
  • Anti-harassment protection order. This protection order is available if the harassment is not rooted in domestic violence.
  • Sexual assault protection order. If you are the victim of sexual assault by someone not a former household or romantic partner, this is the order that you seek.
  • Vulnerable adult protection order. If you are a guardian of a vulnerable adult, then you can seek protection on their behalf.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and you are not a citizen, you also may qualify for protection under the Violence Against Women's Act. Under the Violence Against Women's Act, immigrants, even undocumented ones, who report their abusers to law enforcement may qualify for legal resident status for cooperating with law enforcement. Contact me for more details. 

Traffic Infractions

Everyone has had their bad driving days. I have handled a wide variety of traffic ticket infractions, from speeding tickets to unlawful lane changes to texting while driving. Don't let your bad driving day affect your insurance rates.

Education Advocacy

Do you or your child enrolled in school or college have a documented disability? Under federal law, your school is required to make reasonable accommodations for you to succeed. I have over a decade of experience helping students with special needs navigate through the often confusing red tape of obtaining special accommodations in classes to help them achieve their educational goals.

Landlord Disputes

Does your landlord refuse to give you back your rent deposit? Is your room infested with pests? Your landlord may be in violation of the Landlord Tenant Act. Contact me for more details.

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